Engage and Grow


As we all know, we are in the 21st century and social media is taking over! DOOMSDAY!


Social media, as intimidating and tiresome as it can appear, can be the key to your business growth. At the start of 2020, the world population was 7.7 billion and over 3.9 billion of those where active social media users. And in the UK  alone 44 million out of our 66 million population are active social media users. That’s A LOT of potential customers!


One of the largest elements of creating a great social media base is consistency, and that’s where we come in!


Designing a range of specific and relevant yet eye-catching and "like worthy" content for users. Content that portrays your brand's values and story whilst engaging audiences and promoting products and services.


Being consistent is key however it is not enough. Defining a strategy with clients allows me to navigate a route to success focusing on relevant tasks, topics and audiences.


Although every social platform is important, finding which platforms work specifically for your brand to capture the correct audience is imperative.


An important area to focus on when growing any brand is social influencers. Identifying influencers and brand ambassadors can get your brand seen by thousands of users in just one post.


By using the right techniques each post that you share online could be seen by thousands of users. The numbers do not lie and with growth in your reach will result in growth in your sales.


There are thousands of select communities within the world of social media. Choosing the right ones and becoming a proactive member takes a lot of time and work but can be very rewarding.


Engagement is everything on social media. We will grow your audience organically by commenting, liking, re-sharing and engaging; remembering that every user is a potential customer.


Marketing campaigns, whether on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn or Google Ad Words can be a game changer. Together we will discuss paid ads, pay per click and promoted/boosted content to see which avenue works best for your brand.



All of our packages begin with an optimisation plan based on a platform sweep and audit of your current profiles


This is a chance for us to discuss our mission, who your exact target market are, your USP and offering and the best way for us to achieve results


We then formulate a strategy including talking points, business character, engagement routes and content formats that will best portray your business


We create professional, branded designs inline with your company image to continue brand synergy


We ensure that your marketing is consistent and being seen. We schedule and post all of your social updates across your chosen platforms


We reach out and engage with your direct target market to grow your platform and generate leads


Design and Schedule


“I think my last post was in 2016”

‘I don’t get all that Facebook stuff, don’t bother searching for me”


Our project package is a well-rounded and affordable social media management package for small businesses to keep your social media in check. We maintain your business profiles with regular posting to help you stay active and visible to potential audiences.


We provide great content prompts and questions for you to tell us what you’ve been up to and we then take your content and transform it into professionally branded images for your profiles. To ensure your profiles are consistent, we do all of the posting for you. Our posting schedule starts from 3 posts per week across dedicated platforms.


+ Social media branding additional


Prices from £99 per month


“I always forget to post, far from consistent”

“I want to clean up my profiles and make them look professional”


The Discuss package is great for businesses that want to slowly increase their presence on social media and turn content into sales marketing tools as well as maintaining their platform presenting a professional and branded image.


We provide consistent posts to organically build your online shop window. As well as creating branded content from your website and sales we will include real-time business updates to give your customers a great insight into your business. Our posting schedule starts from 5 posts per week across dedicated platforms.


+ Social media branding additional


Prices from £249 per month


Engage and Grow


“I am completely lost when it comes to thinking of content”

“I am not utilising the platforms, I really want to grow my audiences”


Our Nurture package is perfect for businesses that want to nurture and grow their audience online. Ensuring your social platforms are professionally branded to attract target markets, we work alongside you and source and create sharable growth content for your audiences.


We analyse your competition and search the web for content and updates that will get you noticed. By use of organic engagement we will grow your selected profiles. Our posting schedule starts from 7 posts per week across dedicated platforms


Social media branding included


Prices from £499 per month


“I know that social media could really transform my business’

“I want to make an impact online”


Our Engage Package is designed for businesses that want to increase their following, influence and profile on social media platforms and make social media WORK for you. The package includes targeted reach as well as interaction and engagement with users and potential customers. We dedicate time to each account, following prospective clients, creating engaging content and building a brand personality. Each of our Engage packages are tailored to your individual business, your target market and how we can effectively grow. We curate bespoke packages covering all platforms including Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Pinterest to design a social media strategy that creates leads and business opportunities.


Social media branding included


Prices from £899 per month

Olivia from Iobranding is incredibly talented and creative when it comes to marketing strategies. She has turned around our social media and brought it back to life! I couldn’t be more grateful to her! Highly recommend!




We work with the brands in varied sectors including the beauty, fashion, hospitality, travel and lifestyle sectors to provide bespoke marketing solutions suited to your direct target market. Our inhouse team can cover all areas of your marketing strategy from content conception and creation to PR and product placing. 

Check out our other marketing services or speak with one of our team today to discuss how we could propel your brand.


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