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Since the early 00's, social media has been growing rapidly and is becoming a key focus area within a businesses marketing strategy. Whether you use social media personally or for business, there’s no escaping the fact that social platforms are now a major source of news, information and a poignant activity in people's day. As well as being a place of entertainment and escapism, social media platforms provide a truly new and unique way in which businesses now interact directly with individual customers. Not only do they provide a platform which enables businesses to reach a far wider audience, but they also provide opportunities to share user-generated content - free marketing!

Social media, as intimidating and tiresome as it can appear, can be the key to your business growth. At the start of 2021, the world population was 7.8 billion and over 3.9 billion of those where active social media users. And in the UK alone 45 million out of our 66 million population are active social media users. Therefore by catering and crafting your content toward the audience of the social media platform you are opening up your business to an audience of potential customers like never before. 


One of the largest elements of creating a great social media presence is strategy and consistency, and that’s where we come in!

Our monthly management packages start from £249 per month. 


Designing a range of specific and relevant yet eye-catching and "like worthy" content for users. Content that portrays your brand's values and story whilst engaging audiences and promoting products and services.


Being consistent is key however it is not enough. Defining a strategy with clients allows me to navigate a route to success focusing on relevant tasks, topics and audiences.


Although every social platform is important, finding which platforms work specifically for your brand to capture the correct audience is imperative.


An important area to focus on when growing any brand is social influencers. Identifying influencers and brand ambassadors can get your brand seen by thousands of users in just one post.


By using the right techniques each post that you share online could be seen by thousands of users. The numbers do not lie and with growth in your reach will result in growth in your sales.


There are thousands of select communities within the world of social media. Choosing the right ones and becoming a proactive member takes a lot of time and work but can be very rewarding.


Engagement is everything on social media. We will grow your audience organically by commenting, liking, re-sharing and engaging; remembering that every user is a potential customer.


Marketing campaigns, whether on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn or Google Ad Words can be a game changer. Together we will discuss paid ads, pay per click and promoted/boosted content to see which avenue works best for your brand.


We work with the brands in varied industries including property, beauty, fashion, hospitality, travel and lifestyle sectors to provide bespoke marketing solutions suited to your direct target market. Our inhouse team can cover all areas of your marketing strategy from content conception and creation to PR and product placing. 

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