Picking Your Brand's Colour Palette

When building your brand you will be faced with picking a colour palette, easy right? I love purple, so my brand will be purple, done? Not done!

There is much more involved with picking a colour palette for your brand. Ultimately, the colours that you choose will define your brand story, the message that you convey and your brand voice.

The first rule of thumb, what colours resonate with my audience?

Everything in branding leads right back to your target market, without this you are making decisions at random, based on your own opinion, not the people that will ultimately put money into your pocket.

Once we shift our mindset toward thinking from your ideal customers’ view point and what your brand says to them, you can then put start choosing your palette more strategically.

Choosing which colours both speak to your audience and represent your brand can be tricky. Here are a few questions that we like to ask our clients when picking a colour scheme.

Is your target market male or female?

What age group are your target market?

What price point is your product / service? Are you luxury or affordable?

What personality do you want your brand to convey? Personable, young, lively, friendly / Classic, reserved, high-end, timeless?

As potential clients, colours communicate a very strong message to us before we even make personal contact with the brand. Here are a few examples;

Personable, young, lively, friendly, social

Classic, reserved, high-end, timeless

Corporate, sharp, commercial, industrial, protected

Natural, soft, welcoming, beauty

Putting your palette together

Colour palettes should be based on 4-6 colours in total.

Primary, secondary, light, dark and neutral. For fun, vibrant brands, these can be different colours entirely. However, if you want to opt for a minimal aesthetic similar to our brand, these can be different shades.

If you are stuck with your palette and need some inspiration, head to 20 Colour Palettes for Your Brand to see a handful of our favourite palettes to work with!


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