How Your Business Can Take Part on Black Friday

So it’s that time of year again, the Black Friday buzz. Times are changing, and customers are getting more and more involved in local shopping and small business support.

Black Friday has prompted more sales than many seasonal offers, so involving your business in this major annual event will allow you the opportunity to boost business and brand awareness. No matter what’s going on outside, pandemic or no pandemic, black Friday subconsciously readies people to spend money.

So what are you waiting for?

Here are some examples of how your business can take part this year!

Quick fact! According to our latest Black Friday survey statistics, the total Black Friday and Cyber Monday spending in the UK will increase from £5.6 billion in 2019 to £6 billion in 2020.

Do an offering: Make sure your offers are unique and irresistible. Think about how you can bundle the deals that you have so that shoppers know that they get real value for money.

Do a limited deal: Offering limited deals to subscribers only, this is not only a great way to generate business but is also a great tactic to increase your email marketing list. Creating scarcity and a sense of emergency will show your customers that your offer isn’t one worth missing out on, and deal hunters are always hunting for exclusive offers!

If you cannot afford to discount your service however, you can still give extra without taking up too much of your time; for example:

Free course: come up with a free course intro or mini course you can offer your customers only for black Friday that clients would usually pay for. This way you can give them a free taster of all your company has to offer, as well as potentially driving more future traffic if your content is high quality.

Collaborate with other businesses: Working with other firms has a range of advantages, you can cut expenses in half when they are spread, and potentially raise traffic by gaining access to their audience.

However, you must be careful, do your research and work out your time and costs.

The biggest questions you need to ask yourself in the process – what are the overhead costs? How much profit am I expecting to make? What are your goals?

Without the answer to these, you wont achieve the goals you’re looking for!

There are several Black Friday marketing strategies to try out and the choice is yours, whether you create a new course or choose to offer one as a giveaway.

In addition, you know your clients better than anyone else and this helps you choose the best marketing strategy that best meets their needs, while increasing their chances of responding to your offers.

Nevertheless, you cannot expect the results you’re looking for without the correct advertising strategy.

Advertising your offer will help drive traffic to your Black Friday sales, as well as getting your brand out there. Some ways you can advertise your offers include:

- Advertising on your social media platforms

- Use your email listing to advertise you offer, send everyone in your contacts your content!

- Do ‘sneak peak’ content to tease your customers, to leave them wanting more.

- Display the value of the product you’re trying to sell.

If you have any more questions on how you can get involved in Black Friday this year, please don’t hesitate to contact us for more information!