5 Signs Your Business Could Be Ready for a Rebrand

Do you feel stuck? Frustrated? Embarrassed even by the state of your current branding? Everyone’s

been there at some point in time with their business, and it's nothing to feel ashamed over.

Do you find yourself saying;

"Oh, don't look at my website, it's not up to date" or "It was made about 10 years ago"

"Here's my card, but I've written my new number on the front"

"I don't have a website, I haven't got round to that yet"

"Let me take your email so that I can send you all of the details of what we offer"

Rebranding is a natural step as your company grows and you gain more experience. Not only does a

rebrand focus on your ideals, such as your logo and marketing materials, it helps your company to

grow and grow in the future. But how do you determine it's time for a rebrand?

But first, what do you mean by the word ‘rebrand’?

Definition: Rebranding is the transformation of an organisation's public image. It's a business

approach that offers a current company a new name, emblem, or image update. The concept behind

rebranding is to create a brand name in the industry that is distinct from its rivals.

Here are our 5 top signs that your business is ready for a rebrand!

1. Your brand no longer reflects your vision - as your business develops, so should your brand.

Your mission from when you started the business may not reflect what your brand has become

today. In this case, rebranding is essential to match the ‘feel’ of your company. if your business is

well established, your brand image should be too!

2. You feel embarrassed to give out your marketing material – Some of the most common

phrase you may hear are ‘don’t mind my website, It will be updated soon’ or ‘here’s my business

card but its super old’. Find yourself saying something like that? Yea, it's time for a rebrand. It gives

your customer more faith in you if you’re confident about your business and everything that comes

with it!

3. Your target audience has changed – A welcoming new brand will allow you to redefine

yourself, with the aim of reaching a brand-new audience. Staying on the ball with trends and what

your audience want to see is good business practice. Using this to help you rebrand will help reach

the new goals you have set!

4. Your brand has become overly complicated – Is your brand experience becoming confusing?

Does it feel like a cocktail of irrelevant information with no unifying brand narrative? The more

complex your brand, the harder it is for customers to understand what you’re offering. Our best

advice? Take a step back, simplify and focus!

5. You need to distinguish your brand from negative recognition – Negative remarks aren’t

always dire to your brand; however, they can be difficult for a business to unravel and decipher.

Rebranding is usually the attainable solution to this common business problem.

There are multiple tools and software you can use to achieve a successful rebrand. We would love to

work with you to help you rebrand your business. Interested? Get in touch with us to discuss your

package options!


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