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Our Social Media Training Program is perfect for those who have a grasp on how the social media world operates and the benefits of utilising each platform. We work with businesses who require a point in the right direction, a few tips and trick and content ideas to help establish their presence.


During our Social Media Training, we will spend time discussing and crafting ways to improve platform reach, following and influence. The programs are carried out over a number of weeks to suit and include catch up and recap meetings to analyse growth.


Training spans across 12 weeks with 6 bi-weekly reviews and goal setting.


Together we will explore your niche, how to target your market, how to create engaging content and how to conquer the most used platforms today - Facebook, Instagram and Linkedin.

Our workshop will explore step by step, the exact process of getting your social media off the ground and to a great start. We will show you why you should be doing stories and lives, how to use groups to your advantage, how branded content can help push your business, how to plan your content in advance and so much more...

Our interactive workshops include coffee, laughter, easy to understand information and selfie-taking so that you are equipped with everything that you need to flourish your digital shop front!

You will learn;

- How to optimise your platforms

- The importance of engaging

- How to utilize groups

- How to create branded content in Canva

- How to plan your content

and so much more...


One to One Training

Group Training


Register your interest to join us at our next group Master Your Socials workshop! Join the fun!


We create a full pack of social media templates designed bespoke to you and in line with your brand. All of our templates are completely editable and come with our free guide on how to do so. The templates package also includes setting up and optimising each of your platforms for business.


Our packages include:

Account set up if required


Design and upload of all social banners


Account optimisation for business

Facebook and Instagram story visual


Instagram content squares


Facebook marketing graphics


Instagram story highlights


Pinterest marketing graphics


Blog covers

Email marketing templates


A detailed lead generation campaign in which we only target and engage with audiences and potential clients that meet your criteria. We personalise all contact ensuring that warm leads are created with the right people


Our packages include:

Target a specific audience and clientele based upon requirements 


Carry out in-depth background research on potential connection


Connect with warm leads


Initial personal introduction


Conversation plug-in to positive responses


Monthly reporting of approved connections


Monthly reporting of contact information from responding clients


Monthly campaign analysis meeting


Social Media Planning packages are created for business owners that are proficient in using each targeted platform but struggle with choosing which content to post or maintaining a professional feed.


The Planning packages create your content stream a month at a time inclusive of your own provided content/ images, reposted content for your audience and stock images. The planning stage will curate beautiful feeds with brand consistency and allow you to spend timing using the platform to engage with your market.


Before we start planning we will together discuss any specific content, sales, series etc that you would like to include throughout the month. The full plan will be sent to you in advance to proof all of the images which gives you the opportunity to request any changes well in advance.


Myself and 7 other colleagues attended a social media workshop focussed on FB for our industry - Olivia delivered an informative & simple to understand presentation - no jargon was used, and every step explained clearly. We also had a beginners masterclass in understanding Canva and how to use this effectively. 

Olivia gave us all branded signatures to use on our SM posts as templates and a schedule to help us with organising and streamlining our posts. 

I would highly recommend Olivia. Just in the short time I have worked with her, I have learnt so much and it is making a difference to my online presence. 

I have just checked my months' stats for my business FB page since I have implemented some changes that Olivia recommended along with using my new branded signature & Canva designed posts:

- Post reach is up by 2.8k (97%)

- Post engagements are up by 1.6K (74%)

- 59 New page likes up by 119%