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We are a full-service branding agency; bringing brands to life with minimalistic design, creating a huge impact

Brand identity is the face of your brand. It’s a collection of elements that a company requires to portray the right message to consumers. A distinct and unique brand identity is essential, so clients instantly recognise you from competitors. To win mindshare and gain over the competition your brand must be unique.


Here at IOBranding, we have developed our own unique approach to delivering brand identities for all our clients. We don’t believe in just making things look good – our aim is to create brands that work well, deliver a meaningful message, and provide noticeable results. No-one dreams of a mediocre business; we listen to your ideas and turn them into creative solutions to ensure your vision becomes a reality.

Clients can be won and lost, interested and disinterested solely based on the quality of your brand identity – in the design world we view brand identity as the subtle art of business. Having listened to and understood your vision, target market and proposed direction, our dedicated team will come together to implement a brand that not only sends a powerful message – but sets you apart from competitors.


The aim of our core branding package; provide our customers with the branding they deserve. It is vital that your core branding speaks loudly. We will assist you to showcase your expertise through our dedicated branding experience, ensuring your brand holds the recognition it's worthy of. Through our core branding package, we will elevate your brand with intriguing visuals and minimal styles to guarantee better online exposure and allowing your brand image to be authentic and powerful. Our distinctive approach to your branding will portray professionalism, leaving a bold statement that sticks!

Our package includes;

Consultation and discovery pack
Brand strategy and target audience identification
Brand mood board
Colour palette
Font and typography style
Logo design and artwork pack
Collateral design piece
Social media branding

+ Product photograhy

+ Social media templates

+ More